Hygge 101: Here’s What It is And Why It’s Trendy

the Danish word is actually pronounced like “hoo-guh”

If you’ve been on social media at all recently, chances are you’ve come across the word “hygge” accompanied by a snap of something cozy like hot chocolate, slippers or a roaring fire at least once. You may have scrolled past the post, wondering silently to yourself, “what is hygge?” and more importantly, “how do you pronounce it?”

First things first, the Danish word is actually pronounced like “hoo-guh” (don’t think too hard—just go with it). Now that that’s out of the way, what exactly is it?

Hygge is a mood or a feeling created by all things warm, cozy and loving like flickering candles, warm drinks, or simply an afternoon spent indoors cuddling with loved ones. The word has practically become a lifestyle movement around the world, and people are going crazy for all things associated with the notion of hygge.

Seeing as Danes are some of the happiest people in the world, it seems like they’re onto something with this cozy lifestyle practice. Looking to add some more hygge to your life? Check out some of these fall and winter ready home accessories for your space: