How to Make a New Year’s Resolutions Based on Your Sign

Matheus Bertelli/Pixaby

As the promise of a fresh start presents itself in a new year, many of us are ready to hit the reset button on certain areas of our lives. Whether you implement resolutions for a new year, or think it's overrated — we're here to tell you that the stars may help provide some insight into the areas of life you may want to focus on this year!

In this horoscope we’ll be enlisting the help of 3 planetary aspects; the north node of the moon (which represents purpose, direction and fate), Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) and Saturn (representing challenges and restrictions).

Happy New Year, from your horoscope!

Aries: Seek your inner child

This year is a great time for you to seek your inner child and find ways to express your creative ideas.  When we had ideas as children, we never overanalyzed them, we simply went with the inspiration. Saturn will be in your solar 10th house this year, so if you feel like you’re in a constant battle with “The Man” this year, don’t fret; with Jupiter hanging out in your 8th house, it’s time for a rebirth. If you’ve been wanting to make a change in career, or simply renew your inspiration for life, begin to let go of the behaviour, thoughts, and doubts that no longer serve your best interest. While it’s often beneficial to be mindful of the authority figures in our lives, it’s also important not to let anyone dull our spark, and Aries, your spark can light up a room! Follow your heart Aries, it will lead you in the right direction.

Taurus: Home is where the heart is

Home and roots are your focus this year, Taurus. Have you ever noticed the stronger the foundation of any structure, the longer it lasts? Well, that’s exactly what is best for you to focus on. Whether you’re buying your first home, or restructuring your private inner world, it’s best to take a slower approach to ensure your base is secure to build tall from. Saturn is inhabiting your solar 9th house this year, so your faith may be tested, but Jupiter will help through your relationship sector. If you’re having a hard time believing in yourself, turn to a friend or a spouse for support. The foundations of those relationships will grow stronger as well.

Gemini: You are what you think

Improving your mental patterns is a great resolution for you this year, Gemini. What do your thoughts tell you? Are they optimistic? Do you believe in your potential?  Overthinking can always be a battle for you, but now’s the time to open up communications, and carefully watch how you think. With Saturn in your solar 8th house the year certainly has transformation in store for you, and possibly on the work front. Jupiter is in your solar 6th house, so health, diet and your daily routine are the keys to getting through any bumps in the road. Just remember: Your thoughts create your reality.

Cancer: Reassess your values

This is a spiritual year for your, Cancer! It would be beneficial to focus on your values; both moral and material. Cancers often have a hard time creating boundaries with the people they love, but now’s the time to evaluate where you stand and what you’ll tolerate. You’ll also be focusing on material gain and looking to build wealth from creative pursuits. If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business, now is the time to do it. Saturn will be transiting your solar 7th house of relationships. If things get tricky in your love life, remember to stay balanced and voice your needs. You can’t pour from an empty cup Cancer. With Jupiter in your 5th house, you’ll be favoured in creative endeavors, and any work or play with children.

Virgo: Look for the bigger picture

Virgos are so notoriously detailed, that they can often miss the bigger picture. This year is a wonderful time to expand your subconscious mind and spirituality. Give yoga a try, keep a dream journal, or skip on analyzing other people and find a bigger reason behind their flaws. Be more accepting and you’ll feel more accepted. With Saturn in your solar 5th house, stress or difficulty surrounding creativity or children may create some tension. Seek refuge in communicating. Jupiter is in your solar 3rd house, so research new topics, communicate to others and share your experience. When you talk about your problems, it in turn helps you to heal. Once you heal, you can then help others heal as well!

Leo: It’s all about YOU now

This year is a good time to focus on you, Leo. Who are you as a person? How can you be your authentic self? No hiding in the limelight this year, it’s time to be the star of your own life. Saturn may bring some challenges or stress to your health and daily routine, but Jupiter is expanding and bringing luck to your family life. Listen to your body, take time to rest, and don’t stress over anything that is beyond your control. Take much needed alone time to go deeper into who it is you really are, and not what everyone has expected you to be for so long.

Libra: Work on networking

This year would be a great time for your to build your networking system, and connect with new friends and social circles. You’ve likely experienced some recent big changes, and if you haven’t you can expect to see change very soon. Saturn is in your solar 4th house of home, family, and roots. You may realize that the foundation you once built your life on is getting a little unsteady. What once was comforting, now feels unsettled. That’s okay, Libra! Sometimes things have to fall apart in order to be rebuilt. Thankfully with Jupiter in your 2nd house of values, you’re going to have a new perspective of what you deserve and how to get it. Be prepared for good luck in areas of finance.


Scorpio: It’s time to shine

For you dear Scorpio, this year will be a great opportunity to work on your career and public image. You have likely already been on the path toward making career changes, but if you’ve only been thinking about it recently — start acting! Whether you take on a new position, or start a business of your own, you’ll probably find the public’s interest serves you well. With Saturn making a nice aspect from your 3rd house, communications may be slow, but they will be steady and stable. Jupiter is in your 1st house of self, another placement that is seen by the public. This year will greatly favour your image, Scorpio. Just keep your eye on the prize and believe in yourself!

Sagittarius: Where’s your spirit?

This year might serve you well to check into your faith. What do you believe in Sagittarius?  A higher power? Yourself?  Either way, you are a very philosophical sign, so finding faith in something shouldn’t be too hard!  With Saturn in your 2nd house, you may not be valuing yourself enough.  Money affairs might be tight, but this may be an opportunity to look past the material world and find a deeper meaning to your existence.  Jupiter is in your solar 12th house of the spiritual and subconscious.  Don’t be surprised if your spiritual awareness skyrockets this year!

Capricorn: Be open to transformation

This year may be one of great changes for you, Capricorn — but you must be open to it! Many people fear change because it takes them out of their comfort zone, but where that comfort zone ends, growth begins. With Saturn in your 1st house, you may be experiencing frustrations in how you come across to others. You may feel misunderstood, and a lack of identify during these changes, but Jupiter is blessing your solar house of friendships and networking. If you’re feeling alone, reach out to your friends and social circles.

Aquarius: Feel the love

This year is all about your relationships. It’s time to focus and strengthen your ties to your loved ones, Aquarius. With Saturn in your 12th house of subconscious and hidden things, you may feel at times like things are beyond your control. You may also feel a lack of faith, but hang in there. You’re likely to experience new people and things come into your life this year, and with Jupiter in your career sector, you’ll have great luck in matters of work.

Pisces: Happy in health

As a very receptive water sign, you tend to take on too much of other people’s stress, Pisces. This can lead to some strain on your health and your daily activity, which is why this year is vital for you to start taking care of yourself. Join a gym, choose healthier foods, and give love to your body — it will thank you. Saturn is making a favourable aspect from your 11th house, so you may find that peers and social networks are steady to lean on at this time, just be careful you’re not always the one being depended on.  Jupiter is in your solar 9th house, making for expansion and good luck in areas of travel, spirituality and philosophical beliefs.