This 4-Ingredient Body Scrub Will Combat Your Dry Winter-skin

smell as good as your morning brew.

Winter equals chapped lips, dry skin and unavoidably ashy hands. As the weather cools down, the amount of body lotion we use goes up. But why is it that no matter how much we use, it’s never enough?

The problem isn’t your ineffective lotion. It’s your skin. Dead, dry skin builds a layer on the surface and blocks your lotion from doing its work. The solution is to break that layer and we’ve DIY-ed the perfect scrub to do just that.

A coffee scrub is magical for your body. Your legs will glow like never before and you won’t feel the need to reach for your body lotion over and over again. The sand-like texture of coffee grounds are a top-class exfoliant and a great way to make use of what would have been garbage. The grounds do an amazing job at removing dead skin cells and revealing soft skin underneath. 

Coffee is also the best at rejuvenating the skin and boosting circulation. Not enough benefits? The exfoliants can also plump your skin, lighten dark spots and temporarily reduce the intensity of cellulite. If you love coffee, this is probably the best smelling thing you’ll use on your body. The scent will instantly energize and awaken your senses.

Brown sugar is coarse in nature so it helps speed up the exfoliating process without the need of scrubbing the skin too intensely. The coconut oil works like a charm at hydrating and moisturizing the skin and the few drops of the vanilla extract help intensify the scent. 

 This scrub makes a great gift, especially ahead of the holidays. Pour the mixture into a cute glass jar, tie some twine and attach a cute little tag to the finished product. Whoever receives this will love it because it suits every type of skin and is super useful all year-round.

The best part is you mostly probably have all these ingredients at home already! Save your coffee grounds for a few days or if you don’t brew your own coffee, stop by your local coffee shop and ask a friendly barista for some coffee grounds. Most places won’t mind because they would have thrown them in the trash anyway!

  • 1.5 Cup Coffee Grounds
  • 3 tbsp brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil (melted)
  • A few drops of vanilla extract (optional)


  • Take coffee grounds and use your fingers to separate any chunks
  • Add brown sugar and mix together
  • Melt coconut oil
  • In a separate bowl, add vanilla extract to melted coconut oil
  • Add to dry ingredients and mix well
  • Transfer into jar of your choice