Beyoncé Could Bring Back Parks and Recreation

[Credit: Instagram/Beyonce]

Beyoncé—what can’t she do? Apparently it’s time to scratch “bring back a beloved sitcom” off that list. As Amy and Poehler and Nick Offerman, stars of the dearly departed Parks and Recreation, recently revealed on Ellen, they are willing to bring back the show, but only if Beyoncé agrees to take part.

Parks and Recreation, in case you haven’t turned on a TV in the last decade, centers around the city government of Pawnee, a pit-filled, raccoon-infested, tiny-horse-loving town in Indiana. It’s a hilarious satire of government bureaucracy that has birthed a few holidays that have actually made it out into the real world.


Of course, paper-pushing in the parks department doesn’t exactly seem Beyoncé’s style. So what role do Offerman and Poehler envision her playing on the show? The mayor of course! Yes, we can picture it now, Mayor Bey cutting ribbons with giant scissors, belting out Mouse Rat songs, and generally fulfilling the show’s mission of demonstrating how powerful women get things done.

The subject of the Parks and Rec revival came up when Ellen mentioned the reboot of Will and Grace, starring Offerman’s wife, Megan Mullally. When she asked if the same thing could happen to Parks and Recreation, Offerman responded, “We said that if Beyoncé will play the mayor, we’ll bring the show back.”

“This is Beyoncé Knowles,” he added, tongue firmly in cheek. “The singer, the entertainer.”

“I was wondering which Beyoncé you were referring to,” Ellen deadpanned.

In all seriousness, it doesn’t sound like Parks and Recreation will be back anytime soon, although Poehler did say she’d love to return to it one day. And while a Beyoncé cameo seems like an impossible ask, stranger things have happened in Pawnee. I mean, even first lady Michelle Obama popped up on the show.

In the meantime, Poehler and Offerman are hosting a competitive crafting show called Making It, which is exactly the kind of thing Leslie Knope would be overwhelmingly excited by. Meanwhile, Beyoncé is recovering from reinventing Coachella, gearing up for her “On the Run II” tour, and celebrating her 10 year anniversary with Jay-Z.

Will the two worlds ever meet? It’s a long shot. But in the words of Leslie Knope: Beyoncé, you poetic noble land mermaid. Please bring back Parks and Rec!