This Ontario Teenager (and not Justin Trudeau) Will Be Attending the Royal Wedding

The Globe and Mail

It’s the question of the year: How does one snag an invite to the royal wedding?

Being famous and powerful aren’t enough when it comes to getting onto this year’s most exclusive guest list. Even politicians like Donald Trump, the Obamas, and even British prime minister Theresa May didn’t receive invites, as Kensington Palace has stated that political attendees “not required” at this wedding.

Even so, many speculated the Trudeaus would be issued invitations, if not as politicians, then as friends of the royal couple. After all, Meghan Markle (a former Torontonian) met Sophie Gregoire Trudeau years ago through humanitarian circles, and Justin and Harry’s visit in 2016 had people hailing their “bromance.” But the Trudeaus have confirmed that they will not attend the royal wedding (though whether this is due to a lack of invitation or a conflicting schedule is unknown).

Nevertheless we do know of at least one Canadian who will be attending the ceremony: 15-year-old Faith Dickinson of Peterborough, Ontario. The teen scored an invitation due to her charity work and leadership.

Like Prince William before him, Prince Harry has opted to invite not just big names to his wedding, but regular people who have served their communities. Dickinson is one of those people, having created the charity Cuddles for Cancer, an organization that gives blankets to cancer patients, as well as people who are going through other illnesses and hardships. Dickinson won a Diana Award — named for Princess Diana and given to young people doing philanthropic work — and met the princes in person last year.

“Prince William told me that I was just doing such an amazing thing,” she told the CBC. “And Prince Harry told me that I was the most impressive redhead there tonight.”

But kind words weren’t her only reward for her charitable work. Dickinson officially received an invitation to the wedding earlier this month.

Since then, Dickinson has gotten a crash-course in life as a celebrity. And apparently, designers are falling over themselves to dress her for the event.

“We’ve been into some stores and they’ve been like, ‘We would love to dress you and make a hat and fascinator,’” Dickinson told CTV News. “It’s very exciting in that way.”

But, being a true philanthropist, Dickinson won’t spend all of her time in London attending fancy parties. She will also be looking at ways to expand her charity into the UK, potentially setting up a location for the organization in London.

“We’ve had interest over there about opening a Cuddles for Cancer in London. That might be cool, (to) maybe have a meeting with some people who are interested,” she says.

It just goes to show, fame and fortune can’t measure up to having a heart of gold.