7 Alternatives Your Groom Can Wear Instead of a Classic Tux

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Explore seven cool, less-expected wardrobe ideas for the modern groom, and some tips to keep in mind before your man says yes to the suit (or blazer!).

A classic black tuxedo, with or without components such as the waistcoat and cummerbund, is the clear go-to choice for most grooms on their big day. But what if he’s set on a more creative look, wants something that’s slightly less formal, or is looking for an outfit that reflects the unique vibe of your wedding? Luckily, these days, just like with bridal wear, there are plenty of smart options for groom attire outside of conventional black tie.  

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All-White Tux

Switching up the classic tux by subbing in a white jacket or white dress pants is a great way to lighten up the groom’s attire, especially for a mid-summer wedding. Or, for something even more fashion-forward, he could consider rapper Gucci Mane’s very dapper, all-white tuxedo look from his October 2017 wedding to Keyshia Ka’oir.

3-Piece Suit

These suits can look almost as formal as a tuxedo, but he’ll probably get more mileage out of the purchase, which could also be worn to work and semi-formal events. A black wool or silk suit will look dressier, whereas a navy or grey suit in cotton or linen fabrics will certainly feel more relaxed.   

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Velvet Tuxedo

For a more colourful, sumptuous alternative to the classic tux—and especially appropriate for late fall or winter weddings—there’s always the velvet tuxedo jacket, which has a slightly softer silhouette and traditionally comes in rich colours such as burgundy, hunter green and navy. Just make sure to have a lint roller on hand on the big day.


Pinstripes and Patterns

Increasingly, designers are offering tuxedo jackets in everything from subtle pinstripes to over-the-top, retro-inspired patterns. These tuxes combine tradition and style in interesting, unexpected ways, and could be a good choice for a groom that’s anything but cookie-cutter. Bonus: some of these splashy jackets can easily be worn with jeans or dress pants for everyday celebrations.


Vest Only

For a more casual outdoors or country wedding, hip grooms are opting to ditch their blazers and simply rock a hip vest with their dress pants and tailored shirt. Extras like bow ties and suspenders can be added for flair, but some men are even opting to style these buttoned-up vests with open collars and rolled up sleeves, for a lot more personality.

Double-breasted Suit

Wearing a tailored, luxe suit has always been an option for the tuxedo-adverse, but some dapper grooms are even choosing to rock double-breasted jackets, which tend to have a slightly-retro feel. As long as the fit is perfect, and there aren’t any shoulder pads involved, we think it’s a great alternative for the very fashionable groom.


Military Dress

It’s rumoured that Prince Harry, just like his brother William, will be getting married to Meghan Markle in uniform. If your fiancé is in, or has served in, the Armed Forces, he might want to consider wearing his dress uniform for the wedding ceremony, and changing into a more comfortable suit for the reception.