7 Closet Organization Tips That Will Change the Way You Live


Whether you have a spacious walk-in closet or use a simple metal rack for clothing storage, keeping your wardrobe organized can sometimes feel like a Herculean task. It’s one that’s worth tackling, however, because a well-organized closet is not just aesthetically pleasing, but will save you time while getting dressed each morning, take up less space, and help your clothes stay clean and damage-free.

So, why not take a few hours next weekend and try some of these pro tips? We promise that your wardrobe will thank you.

1. Improve hanger appeal

Most of us own a mishmash of wooden, plastic, and branded hangers that came with a clothing purchase — not to mention those flimsy metal dry cleaning hangers! Switching your clothes over to a set of matching, non-slip velvet hangers will take a few minutes and immediately give you extra rail space, because they are visibly slimmer than traditional hangers but strong enough for everything but the heaviest coats.

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2. Drop-front everything

They’re not exactly cheap, but storing your most delicate heels in drop-front boxes is a game-changer. These specialty containers are more accessible than traditional shoe boxes and display your shoes while keeping them dust-free, especially compared to open shelving.

3. Double up

Instantly double your available closet space without damaging any walls by hanging an expander or double hang rod onto your existing rail. Perfect if you’re mostly storing tops and jackets, and not longer items like trousers and dresses.

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4. Fold and roll

By now, you’ve probably read about international best-selling author Marie Kondo’s tidying and decluttering techniques. But even if you’re not in the mood to edit your wardrobe, Kondo’s precise method for folding and rolling t-shirts and knits will free up valuable drawer space while reducing fabric wrinkles.

5. Go clear

Going through and unzipping all your black vinyl garment bags looking for that one sequined holiday dress is an unnecessary inconvenience. Switching your stored designer and evening wear over to clear plastic garment bags — except for leather and fur pieces, which have to breathe — is a guaranteed time saver.

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6. Retail inspiration

If you’re currently closet-less, why not upgrade your basic metal clothing rack to something chicer and less industrial? Because if you’re going to see the rack every day, it might as well have some boutique-appeal!

7. All sorted

Taking a few minutes to sort your clothes by colour and garment type might seem like a finicky, unnecessary chore — except that it will help you visualize your wardrobe, and clearly see where there might be gaps or excess in the selection.