Alternative Flower Crowns for Festival Season

With festival season in full bloom this spring, one cannot forget the onslaught of flower crowns that dominates festival grounds every year. You would think it'd be played out by now, but it's obviously a festival tradition that will never die. However, it doesn't mean that you have to go the traditional route and wear a basic flower crown to get into the festival spirit. If you're headed to a big festival this season and are planning out your #OOTD, here are some ways you can use our twist on the traditional flower crown while standing out in the crowd.

Traditional? We have a slight aversion to the word. That’s why making our own spin on the flower crown that everyone will be wearing this year’s music festivals. The goal is to make sure to stand out, not blend in with the masses, especially when it’s a crowd of over 100,000 people. Plus, with spring here, we can’t help but make another DIY with fresh flowers like this mirror wreath and this gold leaf Anthropologie vase dupe. Get ready to stand out, and look good too!

“Laurel Wreath” Upside Down Crown

Step 1: For this crown, you’ll need a thin headband, fresh flowers, and some floral tape. Begin by adding your greenery first. Snip small clippings of bunches of leaves, leaving a little bit of stem at the end. Starting in the middle, work your way outwards towards the ends of the headband with the stems pointing in towards the middle and the leaves pointing out towards the ends. To attach leaves, wrap floral tape around the stem of the greenery, securing it to the headband. As you add more greenery, cover the tape side with leaves from the next piece of greenery.

Step 2: Time to add some flowers! We chose a few big and mid-size blooms and added them in around the sides of the headband so it looked like there were flowers tucked behind our ears. Add them on to the crown the same way you added the greenery by taping down the stem to the headband beneath. Just cover up the tape with surrounding leaves.

Step 3: Wear this pretty crown by slipping it on around the back of your head so it rests on the back of your head like a civic laurel crow. You can also wear it like a traditional headband, but we love this twist of a backward crown!

Fresh Floral Hair Combs 

Step 1: Using a comb instead of a crown is a great way to embrace wearing flowers in your hair without having to go full-Frida. First, gather a small group of flowers and greenery into a mini-arrangement. 3 blooms seems to be the magic number with a sprig of greenery on either side.

Step 2: You can use either wire or tape to secure the flowers to the comb. For the wire comb, cut a long piece of floral wire and use the middle section to wrap around the flower and greenery stems to secure them to each other. Then use the ends of the wire to wrap around the top of the comb. Tuck in the ends of the wire using pliers to make sure they don’t scratch you as well. This same process can be done with floral tape instead of wire too, if you prefer. When you’ve attached your blooms to the comb, simply trim any extra stems to finish off your comb.

To use tape, simply secure the flowers to each other by wrapping the tape around the blooms and trimming away any extra stems and leaves. You can use tape to attach the blooms to the comb, but we found that wire does work a little better.

We love these more subtle alternative flower crowns and will definitely be rocking them all festival season long! Not only that, they could even come in handy at a bridal shower or a wedding!

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