DIY Chain Earrings

We love a good fashion DIY project. Especially if it's quick, cheap and most importantly CUTE. I spent exactly $2.13 on a variety of chain links and lengths at the hardware store. I KNOW right? We made a black and gold option and learned a thing or 2 in the process. We'll show you how to make these stylish pairs of ear candy.

I walked into the hardware store and luckily no one else was waiting to have chain links cut because I had my eye on so many things. It was like potential earring heaven. The woman who helped me was patient as I asked for multiple chain types, colors and lengths which was lucky because as the construction workers lined up behind me she could have rushed me. Instead, I just smiled at everyone, winked and told them I was making earrings. They seemed impressed and asked questions and learned a little something about DIY fashion. WIN WIN.

After bringing the various chains back to the studio I selected 2 links of medium gold chain and 4 links of small black metal.

Black Small Chain Earrings:

Step 1: Match your earring to the earring hook shade that looks best. These earring hooks come in multiple colors. We went with black/gunmetal for the black chain earrings.

Step 2: Bend your earring hook with needle nose pliers.

Step 3: Place the chain in the earring hook and bend it back into place.


Medium Gold Chain Earrings:

Step 1: I’ll be honest, this pair wasn’t nearly as easy to make because we needed to bend and link the chain to a jump ring between the chain and hook. So first step is to use the needle nose pliers to bend the jump link open.

Step 2: Work the chain into the jump ring with your pliers.

Step 3: Use your pliers to close the jump ring. Depending on your pliers and the jump link type this part may prove to be difficult, but we ended up liking the way the jump ring looked not entirely flattened.

And there you have it! 2 pairs of earrings for a few bucks. Pair with sunglasses and a cute bag and your good to go!