DIY Fashion: Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

I am in love with this DIY fashion project! So easy, so affordable, so clever, and so freakin' CUTE. All you need is a sense of humor and some iron on patches to make these eye-catching sweatshirts you can rock long after Valentine's (and Galentine's!) Day.

Some people get their feathers ruffled when decorations go up months early in the stores for whatever holiday is around the corner, but this chick ain’t one of ’em. I love getting into the spirit of whatever holiday is on the horizon! But I’m also not one to go majorly overboard with theme decorations or outfits. That’s why I absolutely love this adorable DIY fashion project that gives a lil’ wink to the Valentine’s holiday, but is also subtle enough to wear all year. Plus, did I mention how CUTE it is?!

Step 1: Pick out a sweatshirt in a color you love. I went with a pastel pink and powder blue cropped sweatshirt that I found for less than $10 each, but you can upcycle any old sweatshirt that you might already have!

Step 2: Once you have your sweatshirt, pick out some iron-on patches to match. For my pink sweatshirt I went for a classic red heart, and for my blue I decided to use letters and words to create a kind of visual pun, writing “I wear my (heart)” and literally putting it on my sleeve! I’m already obsessed.

Step 3: You can place your patches in a few different ways; either by putting the sweatshirt on and seeing exactly where you want the patch to go on your arm, or by measuring it out on a table in front of you. Pro Tip: flatten the sleeve out with your hands and use the shoulder seam to eyeball exactly where the center of the sleeve is!

Step 4: Iron on those patches! Be careful not to get too excited like me and accidentally move the patches around when you first run the iron over them. No big, I was able to re-set them, but would have been helpful if I’d just taken my time on the first pass. I was just so excited!

And that, my dears, is IT! Just wait for the patches to cool, and you’re ready to step out in your new duds! This project was so simple to make and turned out way cuter than I anticipated. I think one of the key things that upped the fashion ante was the choice to do a cropped sweatshirt. I was a little shy about it at first, but I’m so glad I tried something new!


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