DIY Leather Pom Pom Paint Splatter Slides

We're in the dead of the summer, so you have probably started whipping out your best slides and sandals to keep you 'cool for the summer.' Lately, we've been inspired by Madewell's minimal and chic slides and sandals, that we decided to step up some slides that we got on the low (price, that is.) See how in a few steps you can take these slides up with a flick of the wrist (really though, you're going to have to do it to make your slides even more chic).

Step 1: Cover the shoe base with tape leaving only the top fabric of the slide uncovered. You don’t want to be walking on paint splatters!

Step 2: Dip your brush tip in fabric paint. If the paint is super thick, add just a touch of water. Gently tap the end of the paintbrush over the sandals to create the splatter look- oh, and don’t forget the sides! We recommend practicing on a scrap piece of paper or fabric first to make sure you don’t end up with a big ol’ paint glob that you can’t fix on your first try! (Sadly, we know this from experience). Let the paint dry.

Step 3: Create the pom by wrapping the leather cord around a large serving fork about 15 times (less than a normal yarn pom because the corn is much thicker). Cut a 6-inch long piece of embroidery floss and feed it through the center of the fork to guide the string around the middle of the leather cord. Tie the embroidery floss tightly in a double knot around the loop of cord. Use scissors to cut along the folded edges to make your pom!

Step 5: Feed one end of the embroidery floss through a large needle, then sew the floss into the center of the sandal fabric. Repeat with the other end of embroidery floss so that both ends now come through the top and the pom is secure in the center of the slide. Tie the ends of embroidery floss underneath in a double knot and trim the ends. Ta-da! Pretty poms!

Step 6: Leather cord can be a bit stiff when you first take it out of the package . Place a heavy can of paint, or a large stack of books on top of the poms to make them lie more flat against the sandal (more fashion week, less Tinkerbell cosplay). Remember to remove the painter’s tape!

You’re all set for a stylish day at the beach, pool party, or even a walk through the park on a sunny summer day!

We would love to see how your leather pom sandals turned out! Tag us @BeMakeful on social or use the hastag #MakefulStyle to share your DIY.