DIY Paint Splatter Denim Jeans

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As creatives, we love getting our hands dirty with a new project. But how about getting your pants the prettiest way ever, of course. The paint splattered jeans look has been popping up everywhere on celebs, on Insta, on street style blogs - you name it. So we drew some inspiration from the pros and created our own custom version of this awesome trend that gets our creative fires lit!

Denim jeans are always a classic go-to, but sometimes we just feel the need to update the look a bit! A great denim DIY- like this adorable pom-pom jean jacket– is a great way to create your own version of the look! Painted jeans have been taking the fashion world by storm lately, so we decided that rather than drop a cool one-hundred on a pair, we would make our own, because obviously that’s how we roll at Makeful. All you need is a brush, some acrylic paint, and a pair of jeans! If you don’t want to paint a pair you already love, you can pick up some vintage denim at the thrift store for super cheap like we did.

Step 1: Plan out your design. This means choosing your color palette and thinking of any patterns or prints you might want to include. We wanted a feminine look with just a touch of edge, so we chose a few pastels and a couple bright colors to make the paint pop!

Step 2: First, add your base. It’s always helpful to start with the lightest color you plan to use- in this case, white- because it actually brightens the subsequent colors that you add by giving them a lighter base. Use a small brush to concentrate on areas like the seam of the front pocket, the outer edge of your knee area, and a little at the cuff of your ankles. You can also use the thigh area as the main “canvas” and use less paint as you go down the pant leg. This gives a kind of “messy on purpose” road map and creates a flattering silhouette at the same time!

Step 3: Get ready to get messy! Splatter on a layer of each color (we recommend going light to dark to avoid overdoing it). To create a great splatter pattern, add a dash of water to your paint, dip your brush, then use your other hand to tap down on the brush while moving it side to side to create a splatter movement pattern across the jeans. This one’s a bit hard to aim sometimes, so be sure you’re doing this on a surface that’s easily cleaned and (maybe don’t wear your most expensive shoes, either). For more on paint splatter techniques, you can see more pics of the process on our post about creating your own canvas wall art!

Step 4: Add a pattern to tie it all together! You could just keep splattering away, but we found that the thing that made our jeans look the most elevated and actually designed rather than just the biproduct of a house painting party, was to add in a small “on purpose” decoration with paint. In this case: some delicate flowers! To make your own, start by placing the center of the flower first. We did this with a circular foam brush dipped in yellow paint. Then, we took a normal paint brush dipped in a soft pink to add on the petals of the flower. Again, it looks great if you concentrate on the pocket areas, outer edges of your knees, and ankle cuffs. Oh, yeah, and don’t forget your back pockets!

A good tip as you’re painting away is to take a step back after each step; go get a cup of coffee, take a lap around the house, then come back and look at your fashion art. It’ll give you some perspective and help you see if there are any spaces that still need to be filled in, or if you need to put the paintbrush down and let them dry in peace.

Once your pants are dry, you’re ready to step on out! Wear something polished and clean on top for a super fashionable and put together look.

We’re loving our awesome painted denim jeans! We’d love to see what patterns and colors you chose for yours so be sure to tag us on Instagram using #BeMakeful.