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Pearls add a perfect touch of class to any look. So for today's episode of Slide Hustle, Enocha is teaching you how to embellish your favorite pair of black booties with a pretty pop of pearl! And as a bonus, she'll also show you how to DIY some super chic and subtle pearl embellished cuffed jeans while you're at it.

Take these cute but ordinary store bought black booties from drab to fab with just a touch of glue and some super chic pearls! The fabric store usually sells pearl embellishments in combo packs with different shapes and sizes. So, before you start to DIY, separate out a handful of pearls that are all the same type.

Embellished Pearl Booties

Step 1: Lay your pearls out flat on the table- this makes it easier for you to pick them up one by one.

Step 2: Use tweezers to pick up the pearls. Put a small dab of E6000 on the flat side of the pearl. You don’t want to use too much glue or it can smoosh out around the pearl and get messy. Pro Tip: If you’re using black shoes for your base, you can actually get black E6000 glue which allows the glue to blend in with the fabric even better!

Step 3: Begin to place your glued pearls onto the bootie. Continue to place pearls in a diagonal pattern down towards the sole. This gives you a great place to start from and you can continue to add pearls in between the open spaces row after row which gives the shoe a final “messy on purpose” look.

Pretty Pearl Boyfriend Jeans

For this pearl DIY, you’re going to use the same technique using E6000 glue, but instead of using pearls that are a uniform shape and size, mix it up with some smaller pearls to give it some fun variety!

Step 1: We’re working with boyfriend jeans so we’re gonna go ahead and roll the bottoms to get that chic tomboy, cuffed look.

Step 2: For this project, we’re going to place the different size pearls on the jeans ahead of time to make sure we love the pattern before we start to glue.

Step 3: Use your tweezers to pick up each pearl and dab a dot of E6000 glue on the back before placing it back down. In this case, we’re working with a lighter wash of denim, so we’re using clear glue. But if you’re working with black jeans, stock with the black glue we used on the booties!

You can stick to embellishing only the front of the jeans, or you can flip them over once they’re dry to go all the way around the cuff- it’s up to you!

The pearl embellished booties and jeans came out SO cute and I’m so excited to wear them! Would you try this pretty pearl look? Show us your take on posh pearls by tagging us @bemakeful! and using #SlideHustle!