DIY Pink Flirty Ruffle Mules | Slide Hustle

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I love to live by the adage that "less is more", however, I do like to break the rules and add even a little more flare to something that is so minimal. On this week's Slide Hustle, I showing you how you can add that flare to a simple pair of pink mules to make them perfect for a weekend at a wedding, or if you want to dress it up for a weekend at brunch with your girlfriends. Whatever the case may be, you are bound to rock these and turn some heads while you're at it.

STEP 1: To start making your ruffles, you will need to start with three different types of fabric to give your mule some dimension. Get one fabric that has a little more weight to it, one that is sheer, and one with some texture. You also want to make sure that these are in different shades of the same color as well to add to the dimension of the ruffle.

STEP 2: Using a small 2-3 inch round cookie cutter, trace a circle on your fabric. Repeat this multiple times on all the fabric, getting approximately 30 of each fabric to add to create your ruffles.

STEP 3: Cut the circles you have traced out on your fabric, and make sure to cut inside the pencil markings, so you don’t have the marks showing on your shoe.

STEP 4: Next, it’s time to start assembling your ruffle. Start off with one color from the circles that you have cut out and fold it in half like a taco. Continue stacking the other colors on top in the same form making sure that you’re interchanging the colors and textures. Continue stacking them until it’s about 2-3 inches thick. Pro tip: feel free to use a bowl to hold the folds in place before you begin sewing them together.

STEP 5: Next, using an embroidery needle, thread your needle. Then, begin sewing your group of ruffles together by sewing at the base of the folds so the ruffles can flare out. Add more pieces as you go until you have sew through them to join them together. Pull your needle all the way through, and sew two to three more times to make sure they’re secure. Double knot it to tie the ruffles together. Pro tip: if the needle is too tough to move through the stack, feel free to use a plier to pull it through.

STEP 6: Once the ruffles are set, cut out the piece of fabric that you will glue them on to. You will want this fabric to match the color of your shoe. For this, I cut a thin piece of felt to hold the ruffle on to the shoe, that’s about an inch wide and 5 inches long. It’s okay if its too long, because we will be trimming this later. Use industrial glue to attach the ruffle on to the felt. Once it has dried, cut off the excess felt that’s not covered by the ruffles.

STEP 7: Next, check to see where you want to attach your ruffles onto your mules, and then add industrial glue onto the felt fabric. Attach to your mule and let it dry.

And just like that, you’ve upgraded your mules to a whole new level! I’m obsessed with how these turned out, and I can’t wait to walk them out and show them around!

If you tried this project yourself, let me know by tagging @MissEnocha and @BeMakeful on Instagram and using #SlideHustle!