DIY Sam Edelman Inspired Fur Pom Sneakers

If you're like us and like to do a lot of window shopping and certain designer sneakers don't end up in your budget, then you will appreciate this DIY that will take your boring old sneakers to the next level. See how to turn a keychain into an easily removable fashion accessory for your sleek sneakers, or even your high heels. You can even fasten them on the back of your shoes for an Easter Bunny cottontail look for this Easter. Either way, we're into it!

Lately, we’ve been lusting over Sam Edelman’s Leya sneaker that boasts some seriously awesome fur poms. However, everytime we want to order a pair, they’re out of stock in our size, or they just don’t fall in our budget for when they’re available. However, if you can’t get it, MAKE IT. We were inspired to recreate this sneaker our own way and also be able to rock the look on everything from our sneakers to our Kate Spade-inspired glitter heels. Thus, we DIY-ed this simple hack using hair clips and a fur keychain to create this removable fashion accessory to give us the most bang for our buck!

Step 1: Use pliers to open the chain link at the bottom of the keychain and slip the fur pom off the chain. You can also just use scissors to cut the pom off the keychain. We opted for the first option so we could keep as much puffy fur as possible!

Step 2: Grab your hair clip, and use a hot glue gun to apply glue on the top side of the clip, then press the pom down to secure it to the clip. Try to get the fur to cover the whole clip so you don’t see any silver peeking out from either side.

Step 3: Let the glue dry and you’re ready to attach the clips! You can clip them onto the backs of your tennis shoes for a fun cottontail bunny look, pop them over your front laces to create the Sam Edelman-inspired sneaker style, or you can even put them on the strap of some fancy heels for some extra oomph!

These fur poms add a dash of fun and a heap of chic to any shoes you put them on, even our DIY Kate Spade heels! The luxe feel of the fur and the happy silhouette of the puffy pom pom combine to make the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Can’t wait to hop all over town rocking these! Show us where you wore yours by tagging us on Instagram and use #bemakeful.