“I’m With Her” Galentine’s Day DIY Sweatshirt

Did you know February 13th is officially Gal-entine's Day? AKA the day that's all about showing your love for your gal pals! After all, your girlfriends are the ones you can count on to be there with a bottle of bubbly when it's time to celebrate, to bring tissues and rom coms when you're feeling down, to fill out your Bachelorette brackets with, and even to call you out once in awhile when you need a kick in the pants. We were super inspired by a sign we saw from the recent Women's March that said, "I'm With Her" with multiple arrows pointing in every direction to show the love for ALL the ladies in the house! Show your love this Galentine's Day with this awesome DIY project that says loud and proud "I'm With Her!" (and her, and her and her...)

We have been super into iron-on patches lately because they’re such an easy DIY fashion upgrade. For this project, we chose super fun and bright sequin letters that you can find at your local fabric or craft store.

Step 1: Arrange your iron-on letters on your sweatshirt in the design you want. If you want to make this “I’m With Her” pattern and you can’t find arrows, do what we did and cut out pieces of letters you don’t need for the words to make your own arrows! For example, we used “I”s and the bottoms of “T”s to make the arrow sticks, and “V”s and half of an “X” to make the arrow points. Gettin’ creative up in here, people!

Step 2: Once you have everything arranged the way you want it, iron on those letters! If you’re using sequin letters like these, be wary of sitting too long on one letter or setting the iron at too high a temperature. We accidentally started out with the iron too hot and it melted through the string that held the sequins in place. Whoopsy daisies! Luckily, we had another “H” to spare. Phew, dodged a bullet there. If it happens to you, no big, just be sure to have some glue handy to fix the sequins back on.

Step 3: Once all your patches are ironed on and cooled off, gather your gals together and show off your love and support for them by saying “I’m With Her”! And her! And her! And alllll the ‘her’s!!!

We just love the super fun and flashy metallic sequin letters we used in this project. This makes a great statement on Galentine’s Day, but tbh this is so cute, we’re gonna love wearing this project all year round. Show off your Galentine’s creations with us by tagging us on Instagram @bemakeful and use #bemakeful. Happy Galentine’s Day!