Kate Spade Inspired DIY Wallet Upgrade

We are major fans of Kate Spade here at Makeful. Her designs always ride the line between classic, streamlined chic and unabashedly girly and playful. As an homage to some of the recent wallet designs with gold letter pins and patches, we upgraded our wallets to resemble the decorated look without resembling the price tag. See how we played our cards right and drew an ace of spades on these Kate Spade inspired wallets and upcycled them with patches, pins, and magnetic fridge letters. (Yup, you read that right).

We found some super cute plain wallets at Target, but lots of places carry similar ones on the cheap. We chose colors and patterns that were inspired by Kate Spade’s Spring line, and especially the 3D gold letter monogramming that makes every piece chic and unique.

Step 1: First, we set out to make our own gold monogram letters without breaking the bank. We needed something 3-dimensional that we could spiff up for our wallets. Enter: magnetic fridge letters! You know- those ones that help little kids learn to spell and that the office clown uses to spell silly things on the break room fridge. We spray painted them gold and gave them a whole new look! Magnetic fridge letter = hacked.

Step 2: Now that you have your gold letters, gather the rest of your decor arsenal! We had some sweet patches from a bomber jacket project that we hadn’t used yet so those were definitely going in the mix. We also picked up some adorable (and totally kickass) pins and patches from Tuesday Bassen’s Friend Mart in Los Angeles’ Chinatown.

Step 3: 
Arrange and apply your baubles as you see fit! We pinned the pins, used hot glue to apply the fridge letters, and ironed on the patches. Pro Tip: be sure to lay a towel or piece of fabric over the patch and wallet when you iron or the wallet might melt under the iron.

And just like that, you have your very own Kate Spade-inspired wallet! So simple, super chic, and you get to make it your own. The perfect recipe for the perfect piece to compliment any outfit you’re rockin’ any day of the week.

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