Morse Code Friendship Bracelet DIY

This is the grown up and more stylish version of those friendship bracelets you used to make at summer camp. On the outside, they look like delicate beautiful bracelets, but to those "in the know"- i.e. you and your bestie- a secret message is hidden in the beads. Your move, Sherlock.

We’re totally in love with delicate, feminine jewelry. Especially when we can “DIY” it! This adorable seed bead bracelet holds a hidden message for you, or your bff, (or your dog, whatevs) and looks good doin’ it!

Step 1: Decide what color seed beads you want to use; you’ll need 4 colors. One for the edges, one as a spacer bead, one for “dot”, and one for the “dash” in the morse code. We found these cool long gold beads that actually looked like dashes (yay!) but you could also just pick a different color and use three in a row to represent a dash. Choose your word that you want to spell out in morse code. There are lots of awesome morse code translators online but we really liked this one. Be sure to pick a word that is small enough to fit onto your bracelet. We chose: GIRLBOSS because WE ARE.

Step 2: Measure around your wrist and leaving a few inches on either side, cut a piece of embroidery floss. Thread a crimp bead onto one end, leaving a couple inches of thread on the end, and use your needle nose pliers to crimp it closed. That gives you a secure base to start threading your beads!

Step 3: Start by adding a few of your base color edge beads; we used teal blue. Then begin to spell out your word in morse code. So cool. We used purple for spaces, red for “dot”, and gold for “dash”! Finish by adding the same number of base color beads at the end to give the bracelet an even look.

Step 4: Once you’re done with your seed beads, add one more crimp bead to the end and crimp it closed so it’s nice n’ snug. Then thread both ends of the bracelet through one more seed bead. You can slide that bead to open and close your bracelet!

Step 5:  Add two more crimp beads to the ends and trim off the excess thread. BOOM.

These make great gifts for your besties, but obvi you should make one (or five) for you, too! It’s so fun having a cool secret message on your wrist all day.