The 2 Items You Can Totally Ditch This Summer

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

It’s about time. Am I right?

After an extra long countdown, summer is finally here! Along with ice cream cones on every corner, ditching the extra layers is the best part of celebrating the sunshine. Talking face and body, it’s best to keep it light and loose. With rays to catch and waves to ride, you should be a fan of the 5-minute face now more than ever. Drop your socks, flip your kicks to the closet, and snap your straps.

Topping the list of things to ditch this summer: your brush and your bra.  



While Kim K and her contouring ways have a time and a place, they definitely don’t make the summer cut. With the change in season, we welcome an all-natural glow and a free pair of rosy cheeks. Make the most of the sunny days by keeping your brushwork to a minimum.

For those thinking about rocking a makeup free face, start by limiting the number of brushes you use. By taking a break from your brush, you’ll save time and money. Plus, with a little extra sleep, you’ll wake up feeling fresh enough to simply wash and go. Not only is it better for your skin, removing the layers will help to build confidence and embrace reality.

Learning to leave the house with minimal makeup will also save you from the worst-case summer scenario: a plain white tee + melting makeup.



In addition to sweating off your cover-up, sweating through your bra is a no-no. We’ve all been there and can confirm that it sucks. Let go, go with the flow and leave the itching, the pinching and the rubbing behind. Depending on size and show, hitting the street sans bra is one of the most liberating experiences a girl can come by. Living loose is even better in the summertime. Super easy, breezy, sometimes less is more. Keep cool in a crop top or feel fresh and free in a sundress. Whether at work or play, pulling an outfit of the season together without a bra is all about comfort.  

For those not ready to bare it all, start by wearing a bralette or a bandeau. Minus the wire, both are more comfy and less constricting than a traditional bra. Fitting for all types of activity, choose a racer-back or a lace halter to start your day.