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Get ready to get some serious bling for less cha-ching. This week, Miss Kris is obsessed with Tulle! And frankly so are we. We'll show you how to create your own tulle skirt and add some glam to your gifts. Get obsessed!

Like Miss Kris says, Tulle may be the cheapest fabric at the fabric store, but it sure gives you a lot of bounce for the ounce. Add some drama to your wardrobe with this DIY tulle skirt, and some girly glamour to your gift game!

Tulle Skirt
For this project, you will need tulle fabric or wide tulle ribbon, a belt, and scissors. Easy pease.


Step 1: Cut the tulle into long strips six inches wide and about eight to twelve feet long depending on how long you want your skirt to be. You’ll be folding the strips in half, so eight feet of tulle will equal a four-foot long skirt, and so on. Pro Tip: use “tulle on a spool” pre-cut tulle ribbon and save yourself a cutting step!


Step 2: Fold your strip in half and place your belt on top of the tulle near the fold. Pull the ends of the tulle through the top loop to create a kind of loose knot around the belt. Push the knotted piece to the end of the belt and repeat until you’ve covered alllllllll the way around. It takes a second. But so worth it.


Step 3: Put the belt on, channel your best Carrie (Bradshaw of course), and STRUT.

Tulle Gift Wrap
Step 1:  This is so simple it only needs one step. Use your “tulle on a spool” just like you would normal ribbon on a gift. Once you tie your bow, be sure to fluff the “bunny ears” of the bow by pulling them apart on the sides a bit.



Last but not least…

Be sure to check out our article on adding tulle to your shoes to get the fabulous look at the end of the above video!

We’d love to see how your tulle projects turned out! Tag us on Instagram at @bemakeful and use #makefulobsessed.