Women’s History Month DIY Iron-On Tees

We have been so inspired this Women's History Month to create all kinds of kickass DIY projects to let our feminist flags fly! When we remembered that you can buy your own printable iron-on transfer paper to DIY your own t-shirt designs, we went ahead and created a free download so anyone can join the movement. Because 'empowered women empower women', right?

Our creative juices have been flowing this Women’s History Month and we’ve been making a few awesome DIY projects, like these sweet temporary tattoos – and we wanted to keep the party goin’. With some printable iron-on transfer paper that you can buy online or at your local craft store and our free printable download template, you can create your own Women’s History Month themed designs you can wear all year round! Also, if you need some inspiration, check out these inspiring quotes from creative women, this list of 9 women you should know from history this Women’s History Month, or this list of women changing the game in 2017!

Step 1: Start by getting your design ready to print, which you can download here! You want to use as much of the page as possible to make sure you don’t waste any precious (and fun) space for iron-on art! We created this mix of black and white designs and calligraphy sayings but you can definitely print in color, too! Once you’re happy with the layout, just hit print. Yup, it’s that easy! (Do be sure to make sure you’re printing on the fabric side of the paper).

Step 2: Once you’ve printed your designs on your iron on transfer paper, let the ink dry thoroughly. Smudges are a real bummer. When the ink is dry, cut the designs out, keeping in mind that whatever you cut out is going on your shirt- more like a patch than a full transfer.

Step 3: Heat up your iron. Place the cutout iron-on design where you want it on your t-shirt. Lay a piece of fabric or a towel on top to protect the patch. Then press and move the iron back and forth until the patch is heated through and sticks to the shirt below.

Let cool. Throw on your new duds. Look cool. Ta-da!

We’re gonna be wearing our feminist fashion all year long. Don’t forget to download our free printable and show us what you make with them by tagging us on Instagram using #bemakeful.