7 Ways to Make a Grand Entrance at Your Wedding Reception

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We’ve all seen those fun YouTube videos of bridal parties dancing their way into the wedding venue—some are epic, while others come off more silly than impressive. The truth is, particularly if there’s a substantial time gap between your ceremony and dinner, or if they’re being hosted at different locations, planning a grand entrance is a great way to set a lively mood for the reception, and officially kick-off the evening’s festivities. But if choreographed dance routines aren’t your thing, or in your repertoire of skills, there are still many other creative and fun ways to make a memorable entrance with your partner and the wedding party.

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Embrace an unexpected mode of transport

Depending on your venue, theme and budget, arrival by helicopter, speed boat, horse-drawn carriage, vintage car, or even on horseback might be possible—just keep in mind that the effect would be most impressive for receptions hosted outdoors, where guests could clearly see you coming. And, make sure to practice your exit strategy in advance to avoid any wardrobe mishaps.

Take the performer’s entrance

Your wedding party would be sure to create a splashier entry if you take full advantage of the location’s architectural highlights: think elevated stage, grand staircase, or even a well-placed elevator. That way, all eyes will naturally be drawn to your arrival as the group is being introduced to guests.  

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Create a light show

Using sparklers or candles for outdoor receptions, or a well-planned laser show for indoor settings, have guests form a light path to welcome the bride and groom into the venue in a dramatic fashion. The effect will be surprisingly moving when paired with rousing music, and you’ll enjoy a magical moment in the spotlight.

Rely on a great emcee

If you and your spouse are sports enthusiasts, why not have your master of ceremony announce each person’s arrival as if you’re athletes entering a stadium? Cute “statistics”, gripping narration and a made-up rivalry between the bride and the groom’s “teams” would make for a playful, notable entrance.


Get a lift from friends

In some countries, brides and royals arrived at traditional weddings in hand-carried wooden sedans or carriages. If it’s part of your culture, why not make a dramatic throwback to tradition, and arrive like royalty on your big day?


Throw some confetti

Especially for indoor receptions, it can be surprisingly easy and affordable to mark your grand entrance with visual confetti. Arrange to have rose petals, small balloons or metallic confetti rain from the ceilings as the wedding party enters the room, and it will automatically feel like a celebration! If you’re outside, the same joyful effect can be achieved with a small fireworks show, or having your guests toss fragrant blooms or lavender seeds as you walk by.

Wheel on in

If bike riding, skateboarding, or even roller skating are activities you enjoy, or somehow play a part in your love story, putting together a grand routine for your first public appearance as official partners is sure to impress. It can be choreographed to music, or even co-ordinated with light and sound effects for a bolder impact.