Add a Little Greenery to Any Space with This Upcycled DIY

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From mason jars, to wine bottles, to vintage soda bottles—turn any glassware into minimalist, modern vases that offer a fresh look to any interior.

This simple DIY highlights reusing old jars and bottles of all shapes and sizes to make a spectacular centrepiece. Don’t be afraid to purge your fridge for condiment glassware. With a little ingenuity, you’d be pleasantly surprised how an arrangement of foliage can really transform your once obsolete bottles.

  • glass bottles
  • white candle sticks
  • Greenery
  • cork
  • water


  1. Arrange your foliage. For this DIY we used eucalyptus, vines, and baby’s breath inside each bottle.
  2. Fill each bottle with water with about ½ inch-1 inch of space from the top. Top the bottles off with a candle or cork