Brighten Your Special Day with this DIY Neon Signage

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Dressed in foliage, this fun and functional neon signage is sure to (quite literally) brighten up your special day. This DIY can be used as a ceremony backdrop, welcome sign, or a photo booth backdrop—you name it!

  • Neon LED
  • printed signage
  • foam core
  • fishing wire
  • sewing needle
  • Scoring tool
  • Duct tape
  • painters tape
  • AA batteries
  • Scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • Greenery
  • Battery operated twinkle lights
  • easel


  1. Place your printed signage and tape it to your foam core to hold in place.
  2. With your scoring tool, poke a hole at the start of your first word in your signage.
  3. From the back of your foam core, feed your neon LED all the way through the hole you poked. Your string of neon LED should be visible from the front.
  4. Bend and press your string of neon LED along your letters of your signage. Use painters tape to tape the LED against your printed and signage and foam core.
  5. When you get to the end of the last letter of your word, poke another hole with your scoring tool. Feed any excess neon LED through the hole. This excess neon LED will be neatly folded and taped to the back of your foam core using duct tape.
  6. Continue steps 2-5 until your signage is complete.
  7. Using fishing wire and a sewing needle, secure your neon LED to your foam core.
  8. Starting from the back of your foam core, poke a hole along one side of your neon LED, followed by another hole along the other side going into the back of your foam core. You will then tie a secure knot with the fishing wire. This will neatly secure your signage to the foam core. Continue this throughout your signage.
  9. Once your signage is secured into place, tear off the painters tape and printed signage. You may need to reinforce a few fishing wire ties if any knots were lifted when peeling off the tape.
  10. Add foliage framing the top of your neon sign. Secure these pieces in place using a hot glue gun.
  11. Wrap your twinkle lights throughout your foliage to add a little detail within the leaves.