Don’t Forget to Pack These 8 Items for Your Honeymoon


You might be in the midst of arranging your dream wedding, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to properly plan the once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will be your honeymoon, too.

Whether you’ve budgeted the time and savings for a far-flung safari or a frugal mini-moon, the private time away with your new spouse will be a lovely respite after the chaos and excitement of your nuptials. Here are the luxe and the practical items to remember to pack for your first getaway as newlyweds!


Something flirty

Even if you’re trying to travel light, leave room in your luggage for at least one dressy, flirty outfit for a romantic night on the town. Just make sure that it’s wrinkle-resistant and will travel well, because it might be hard to find an iron or steamer during your travels. For example, even five-star hotels in Italy won’t provide you with a clothing iron in your room, as it’s considered a fire hazard!

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Something memorable

Even if you’re the type of person who always have their cell phone handy, this trip warrants taking some photos with a “real” camera. You might actually want to print out some of these images, or even enlarge and frame them, as mementoes of your trip. The new mirrorless digital cameras offer the quality of SLR machines, but are much more portable.

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Something sexy

You don’t need a whole new trousseau, but to really mark the romantic nature of this trip, make sure to splurge on a few lacy, pretty bits of lingerie to wear on your honeymoon. Bonus points if there are garter belts or French lace involved!

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Something practical

If you’re the outdoorsy type who might hike the Inca Trail or explore the Galapagos Islands for your honeymoon, make sure to bring along a small medical kit. It would be no fun to have an infection or blister ruin a perfectly great adventure.

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Something necessary

Put some chic luggage on your wedding registry, and you’ll get to enjoy the grown-up feeling of travelling with fresh, matching suitcases. Remember to leave a little extra room in there when you pack, and you’ll have space to bring back plenty of thoughtful souvenirs and duty-free goodies.

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And don’t forget to consider the following…

It’s not super sexy to think about, but unless you want to start a family ASAP, don’t forget to discuss and bring at least one form of birth control. Reliable contraception might not be readily available at your destination, and in any case, who wants to spend time at a drugstore or updating a prescription on their honeymoon?

We know that paperwork can be a snooze, but because you’ll be newlyweds, it’s not a bad idea to bring a copy of your marriage certificate and signed and notarized Power of Attorney paperwork, if you have it, along for any out-of-country travels. In a worst-case-scenario situation, it will be helpful to be able to prove that you’re legally married, especially since you won’t have the same surname yet on your travel documents.

For international travels, don’t forget to research and bring appropriate travel adapters or converters for your electronics and cell phones. Adapters allow your devices to plug into different-shaped outlets, while converters may be necessary if the electricity voltage at your destination will be different than in North America.