How to Incorporate High-End Style While Staying Under Budget


We’re pulled together a few tips to bring high-end style into your wedding while keeping the overall cost within your budget cap.

Eyes bigger than our bank accounts… it’s happened to all of us. But your wedding day really isn’t the day that you want to be sacrificing beauty, style and pleasure in the name of frugality. Still, given that it’s only one day, it isn’t worth breaking the bank over either. So how do you decide where to spend and where to cut back?

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Splurge: The Dress

You might not believe it, but it is possible to wear couture and stay within your budget. The key is to invest in the bones, and skip the bells and whistles. Opt for simple silhouettes without a lot of beading and ruffles, which add costs. Visit designer trunk shows and try on floor models, rather than making a special order. And above all else, limit alterations—especially those that are extravagant; the cost of taking a dress in versus adding sleeves is drastically different.

Save: Styling the Groom and Groomsmen

Skip tuxedos and anything designer. Rent rather than buy, and stick with basic black for the most economical option, which will still appear dapper. Have all the groomsmen rent from the same place, and typically the groom’s outfit will be thrown in at no charge.

Plum & Oak

Splurge: A Sumptuous Seasonal 3-Course Dinner

Serve delicious and incredible food by keeping it seasonal and simple, serving specialties from the region. Keep the gourmet budget in hand by sticking with a manageable three courses rather than opting for more, which will bring down the quality of your food.


Save: Trim Your Guest List and Bring Your Own Alcohol

The less folks you invite, the less money you’ll send. Keep your numbers tight, so you can offer a higher quality experience. You may also consider buying your own alcohol rather than going through the caterer or the venue. Celebrate with a fancy bottle of champagne for the wedding toast, and then have your caterer switch to a more affordable sparkling wine for the remainder of the party.

Rosalind Miller Cakes

Splurge: On a Stunning Cake to Cut

A common trick to keep costs low without sacrificing style, is to invest in a small but beautiful cake that you love for display, the official cake cutting and all of your wedding photos.

Save: By Serving Sheet-Cake from the Kitchen

As cake is ready to be served, have staff bring out pre-cut sheet cake from the kitchen in the same flavours as your display cake. Save further by avoiding special details like sugar flowers, fondant shapes and multiple tiers. Instead, drizzle slices with a decadent sauce.