Four Ways to Tie Minimalism into Your Special Day

wedding bands, ring box flat lay
Photo by LightField Studios

Minimalism is a style that initially emerged as an avant-garde design aesthetic, but now carries a significantly more weighted meaning. For many, minimalism is now considered a way of life, characterized as the act of living with intention, and free from things we do not require, or desire.

Often, minimalism brings those that have embraced the lifestyle a resounding sense of simplicity, calm and even freedom – doesn’t that sound dreamy for a wedding? On a day that’s traditionally jammed full of expectations, family members to please, lofty vendor bills to pay – and a whole lot of running around with little time to enjoy the happiest day of your life, it’s no surprise that flocks of couples are tossing overdone ceremonies out the window in lieu of simple and chic minimalist weddings.

If the idea sounds great to you, but you still aren’t sure exactly how to bring the spirit of minimalism into your planning, read on for four ways that will help you plan your special day

Keep your guest list streamlined

If you kick off your planning with minimalism in mind, you’ll keep the entire affair simpler, more manageable and ultimately you’ll be happier. Where does this begin? With the guest list.

By keeping numbers minimal, will enable you to focus on choosing only those guests that are most meaningful to have on-hand for your special day. Part of minimalism is breaking free from saying ‘yes’ to everything without discerning and careful thought. Instead of being overloaded with guests you felt obligated to invite, you’ll be curating an intimate affair with your closest friends and family.

There’s less risk of a runaway theme

Sometimes, despite the best intentions, loved ones and even professional vendors can overstep with opinions during the wedding planning process, leading to runaway themes that are highly detailed and opulent…but often leave the bride and groom feeling like they see very little of themselves in the result.

Keeping your aesthetic minimal often has the opposite effect. Again, stripped down simplicity allows the couple to think carefully about the elements that they truly love and want as part of the experience on their special day, rather than being overshadowed by pomp and circumstance. Minimalism is not about impressing anybody else; it’s about choosing only what speaks to you.

Minimalism is incredibly chic right now (and easy to DIY)

The less-is-more aesthetic won’t just free you up to feel more present and have less to worry about on your wedding day… it will also set you up to have one stylish wedding.

Sticking to clean lines, urban-chic venues like warehouses and loft-spaces, sparse greenery and simple flowers and lots of crisp white is timeless, elegant and modern.

Plus, if you’re at all crafty, the minimalist décor is one of the easiest styles to DIY. Crack your laptop open and scour Pinterest for gorgeous glass pillar candle centrepieces, simple calligraphy wedding invites and tons of refreshingly simple and lovely DIY wedding backdrops.

A minimalist wedding is beautiful for your budget

 We all know weddings can put a strain on the bank account, and while some couples love to splurge on the special day, most would rather save for the life they are about to embark on together.

The good news is that approaching your wedding with a minimalist mindset helps the budget for two reasons: you become solid in the must-haves versus don’t needs, but you can also save a whack of cash with a minimal aesthetic. Stark, modern styles look elegant without having to invest extra $$$ in the most opulent details. Keep your style chic and simple, and let the love shine through.

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