Snap an Instagram Worthy Shot of Your Engagement Ring With These Tips


Our picture perfect tips will help you take a social media photo worth sharing.

You’ve found your perfect partner and your perfect ring, and now it’s time to take the perfect Insta-ready photo. Before you splash just any photo all over social media, consider these tips for taking (and sharing) your best shot.

But first, a manicure

Taking a photo of your engagement ring means taking a photo of your hands, so you will want them to look photo-ready. Apply a fresh, clip-free coat of your favourite polish, clean up and hydrate your cuticles, and slather on a generous dollop of ultra-moisturizing hand cream. It sounds weird, but raising your hands above your header for a few minutes will let the blood temporary draining out of them, smoothing out their appearance.

Clean it up

Hand cream, soap, and general everyday wear can leave behind a film that will dull your ring’s shine. To restore the sparkle and get it ready for its close up, take it in to be professionally cleaned. Most professional jewelry stores will do this on the spot while you wait, and it may even be free at the store your ring was purchased! You can also do it yourself by placing your ring in a bowl with water and regular dish soap, giving it a gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush.

Prop it out

Holding onto something is an easy way to solve the age-old on camera dilemma of “what the heck should I do with my hands?” Keep it low key with a pretty cup of coffee or a bunch of flowers, or get playful with a novelty mug or funny note card. You can also ask your partner to join in and take a picture of the two of you holding hands, or something more unique if you prefer.

Bask in the sunlight

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then a diamond’s bestie is a ray of sunlight. A surefire way to capture that sparkle is full, natural light. If you can hold out for it, an overcast day or “golden hour” timing (early morning just after sunrise or late afternoon just before sunset) will provide ideal conditions. The softer lighting of this time of day avoids harsh shadows that can be tricky to photograph. If you’re inside, take advantage of the nearest window.

Make it an epic landscape shot

What’s in the background of your photo can have just as much of an impact as what’s front and centre. If you got engaged on vacation, now’s the perfect time to take a picture that captures the glimmer of your ring, along with your special surroundings. Even at home, snapping a pic with a glimpse of you and your partners favourite cafe or a city skyline in the background can add a sense of place that will make your photo feel uniquely you.

One ring to rule them all

After you’ve snapped all 18,000+ pics, you’ll need to choose just the right shot. So, pick “the one” and post just that one. Yes, Instagram does albums now, but there’s no need to post a slideshow of your ring from all angles. We speak for all your friends and social followers in saying that they’d most likely rather not be subjected to an Instagram takeover of photos of your ring.

Keep the dollars and carats to yourself

When it come to posting etiquette, there are two truly unbreakable rules: don’t talk size or money. Telling the world how much you partner spent crosses into TMI territory. And posting details on the weight of your rock will read as bragging about the value without spelling it out. Let appearances speak for themselves.

Remember what it’s all about

Don’t lose sight of the fact that the true purpose of this photo is to announce your engagement, not to announce your ring. As stunning as a close up, ultra-macro shot of your new jewel may be, it won’t feel as personal as a pulled back photo of you and your partner clasping hands, for example. As for your caption, focus on the person you’ve just promised to spend your live with, rather than your new jewelry.