Take Your Wedding Invitations to the Next Level With DIY Origami

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A wedding invitation is your chance to make a first impression and in this case, a bold statement.

  • ruler
  • scoring knife
  • 12”x12” paper (for a 6”x6” invitation)


  1. Fold square sheet of paper in half lengthwise and widthwise. Unfold paper completely. This creates 4 squares on your paper.
  2. Using your ruler, score a line on a 45 degree angle starting from the top left corner to the rightmost edge of the middle fold line. Then score another line on a 45 degree angle starting from the leftmost edge of the middle fold line to the bottom right corner. Fold the paper inwards along the score lines. Unfold paper completely.
  3. Rotate the sheet of paper 90 degrees clockwise, and flip it over horizontally.
  4. Repeat step 2 on this side of the paper. You should see lines forming a square in the center of your paper. This is where you will place your invitation in step 11.
  5. Fold along the score line from the top center point of the paper to the bottom left hand corner. (This is one of the score lines created in step 2, which is now horizontal because the sheet of paper was rotated.)
  6. With one hand holding down the fold, grab the top rightmost corner of this fold, and bring it down to meet the bottom left hand corner of your center square crease. Make sure your fold lines up along the edge of the square crease. This will create a raised corner with the paper.
  7. Pinch the raised corner edge inwards and fold down so that the edge of the corner meets the edge of the square crease.
  8. Rotate your paper counterclockwise by 90 degrees and repeat steps 6 and 7.
  9. Repeat step 8. This will leave one creaseless section of paper facing upwards.
  10. Unfold the paper completely, and repeat steps 5-7 on the remaining creaseless section. Unfold the paper completely again.
  11. Place your square invitation in the center square of the paper.
  12. Bring in the four corners along the creases you’ve created towards the center to close your envelope.