These Wedding Place Cards are Rustic Chic

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Through earthy tones and textures, create a romantic garden feel with rosemary wreath place cards that will tie every fine little detail of your wedding together.


  1. Tightly fold your silverware into the napkin.
  2. Wrap your suede leather lace around the middle of your napkin. Make a small bow on the back to secure your napkin and silverware in place.
  3. With scissors, cut a piece of twine approx 4 inches in length.
  4. With your twine, tie a knot on the stem end of a piece of rosemary.
  5. Push and bend your piece of rosemary as needed in order for both ends to meet, creating a circular formation.
  6. With the other end of your piece of twine, wrap it around the other end of the rosemary and secure this with a knot. Your rosemary should now look like a mini wreath.
  7. With your individual typewriter stamps, stamp the names of your guests’ on parchment paper cards.
  8. Once your name cards are finished, cut a piece of twine and feed it through the card hole. Make a small bow and tie your name card to your rosemary wreath.
  9. Add your rosemary name cards at each place setting and give your table the perfect rustic touch.
  • rosemary
  • cutlery
  • fabric/napkin
  • suede leather lace
  • parchment paper card
  • stamps and ink
  • twine
  • Scissors