We Teach You How to Create the Perfect Floral Backdrop for Your Event

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We did it for the gram. And it was worth it.


Floral walls are perfect for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and, of course, the big day! You’ve seen them all over Pinterest, so why not make your own? We made a 5×7 floral wall using 15 floral grids. That’s around 200 faux flowers for each grid, and 3,000 total!


  1. Pop faux flowers onto floral grids. Start at one corner and go down and across popping a fake flower bundle onto each peg until the grid is full.
  2. Repeat for as many floral grids as you need for your wall. We made 15.
  3. Once all of your grids are complete, flip them upside down. Using zip ties, secure the grids together tightly along the edges. Attach the grids together using zip ties. Line up the grids side-by-side so the grids line up perfectly. Then at every 3 rows, secure a zip tie from one grid to the other so they are now attached. Repeat going across each edge to securely tighten your floral grids together.
  4. When complete, your floral wall is ready for its big debut! You can secure it to a wall, or like we did, tie it to a pole using zip ties, and put it on a photo light stand.
  5. Take alllllll the selfies. You deserve it!