Look Like a Rock Star Bride in These 8 Elegant Faux Hawks

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As sported by celebrities including Selena Gomez and Nicole Kidman on the red carpet, this less conventional style looks particularly great in profile and is a cool way to make a bold statement with your locks.

Once you’ve decided on a faux hawk, it’s helpful to think about your hair thickness, length and texture, the shape of head and face, and the neckline or back of your gown. Taking these factors into consideration, you can decide whether individual elements such as buns, French braids, curls and hair jewelry should be incorporated into your updo.   

To get you feeling inspired, here are 8 of the most stylish ones we’ve spotted.

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This model’s hair manages to look both intricate and effortless. The trick? Using a large barrel curler to create oversized, slightly messy curls, and then setting those locks firmly in place. Bonus: the shape of her faux hawk really accentuates the high neckline of her outfit.  


This bride’s pretty updo looks as beautiful from the back as from the front, and the line of the French braid draws your eye to her lace dress. Letting a few tendrils get loose definitely soften ups the effect.

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Vertical, statement hair accessories are a great idea if you’re considering a fuller, less sleek faux hawk updo. We love how this crystal piece sits beautifully within the hairdo, highlighting rather than competing with the design.


How stunning is the dramatic shape and textured volume of this look? It would be the perfect style to go with an oversized, sculptural wedding dress with a full skirt or train, no hair jewelry or accessories required.

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The contrast between the tight, neat braiding and the soft texture of the messy buns creates a bold impact here. We also love how her dressy faux hawk and her edgy ear cuff complement each other perfectly! It’s always a good idea to try on your day-of jewelry and dress when you’re experimenting with hairstyles, to see how well they will mesh.


What makes this faux hawk particularly sophisticated is how sleek the hair is, and because there’s a clean part between the upper and lower portions of the updo. From the front, it looks like a chic bun, but there is a lot more detail that appears in profile.


These stunning silver-white locks work like a dream for a faux hawk with soft knots and lots of loose tendrils coming out. The effect? A perfect combination of romantic and cool.


Not every faux hawk has to be an updo! This version highlights the model’s straight, full hair but adds a bit of interest with the use of a minimalist hair comb.