10 Adorable Costumes To Try This Halloween

There’s something magical about Halloween no matter how old you get.

Whether you’re coming up with ridiculous group costumes with friends, trying to win best couple’s costume, or dressing up your dog, Halloween brings out the creativity (and kid) in us all. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite costumes to get you inspired this Halloween!

1. Stranger Things

Last year, we saw a ton of hilarious, poignant, and spot-on Stranger Things costumes. But with Stranger Things returning to Netflix before Halloween, the trend is here to stay. If you want to get nostalgic, you can re-create this great Eleven costume based off of Season 1!

Source: A Beautiful Mess

2. Ring Pop

Maybe not the first thing you think of when you’re planning your Halloween costume, but this DIY Ring Pop Costume by StudioDIY is so cute we had to add it to the list.

Source: StudioDIY

3. Tropical Fruit

While some people might want to go all out with the latest in pop culture, who says something as adorable, simple, and understated as a piece of fruit won’t score you big points in the costume contest? It’s as simple as throwing on a colourful dress and a fruit-topped headpiece (check out this one from StudioDIY’s shop!), and you’ll be ready to throw down some “orange-ya glad’ puns all night long.

Source: StudioDIY Shop

4. Emojis

Emojis are a great group, couple or solo costume, and can be done in just five minutes with supplies from the dollar store! All you need is a yellow t-shirt, black and red felt, glue gun, and scissors. Perfect for any last-minute costume mandatory parties you decide to go!

Source: Nelle’s Creations

5. Punny & Proud

Some of the best Halloween costumes are the ones that make people stop and think for a moment before they come to that ‘ah-ha’ moment. They are also usually cheap and easy to make, while looking like you put some serious effort into the concept. Try out ‘Deviled Eggs’, ‘Pigs in a Blanket’, or ‘Hairy Potter’!

Source: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

6. Sushi Roll (For Your Dog!)

While it’s fun to get yourself all dressed up, if you really want to get those Instagram likes, your dog is the one who will get you there. What cuter way to rack up those likes than with an adorable sushi costume? You can do it yourself with Eat Sleep Make, or grab it from PetSmart online!

Source: Eat Sleep Make

7. Peter Parker

With the return of Spider-Man: Homecoming earlier this year, as well as a variety of other action-packed superhero films, we’re sure you’ll be seeing some ‘men in tights’ around the block this Halloween. Peter Parker is a classic costume that can be achieved with any Spider-Man shirt, a camera, a nerdy pair of glasses, and a pencil behind your ear!

Source: Brit & Co

8. TY Beanie Babies

An adorable nod to 90s nostalgia, TY Beanie Babies were all the rage, and make for the perfect costume for you, your friends, or your favourite fur baby! You can even download the TY tag from Laughing Latte to get you started!

Source: Laughing Latte

9. Unicorn

Sparkles, glitter, and pastels, OH MY! Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn? This is the perfect costume to flex your makeup skills and douse your body and hair in glitter. Add a super easy-to-make horn, and you can’t go wrong!

Source: CamilaRech

10. The T-Shirt Costume

Feeling lazy, but a little bit sassy this Halloween? Try a hilarious Halloween-inspired t-shirt from Etsy, like this “THIS IS MY COSTUME, I’M A T-SHIRT” shirt from AwesomeTeeDesigns.


Source: AwesomeTeeDesigns

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