3 Min DIY Pom Lamp Shade w/ Jeanine Amapola

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If you're looking to spice up your home decor, we've got an easy DIY that will transform a room! Today's 3 Minute DIY is a pom pom lampshade that would look great in your living room, bedroom, or office. Customize it to be exactly the color and look you want and make it in just 3 minutes!

This super easy DIY adds a healthy dose of fun and a pop of color to any room’s decor! With just poms and a glue gun, you’re ready to transform any fixture into a poofy dream. No lampshade will be safe after you try it!

Step 1: Start with your clean lamp shade. If you can’t find a lampshade in the color you like, you can always give it a coat of spray paint!

Step 2: (Optional step) Measure out where your pom poms will go using a ruler and pencil. That’s how we made this ombre pom lampshade, but in this 3 minute DIY, we’re just going ahead and eyeballing it.

Step 3: Begin gluing your poms to the lamp shade in vertical rows that alternate with each other, in a 4/3 lineup. You can use any glue, but industrial glue or hot glue works best, especially when gluing fabric together. Side note; we did this project with larger poms at first and weren’t in love with the look. We switched it up to smaller poms and not only do we think they look better, but they actually stayed in place better because they weren’t as heavy.

Step 4: Keep gluing till your lampshade is covered in poms! Don’t be afraid to play with the look- you can go monochromatic, black and white, ombré, whatever your heart desires.

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