5 Easy DIY Beauty Gifts For Your BFFs

photo: Soap Queen

With 'Best Friends Day' here, there are many ways to celebrate and thank the friends in your life that have been there from day one. They listen to your all your problems, they're your best cheerleaders, they don't judge you when you have that extra glass of rosé, and they're always down for bottomless mimosas on a Sunday (even though they've only had 3 hours of sleep.) They're the real MVP's and deserve the world. If you're looking treat them to some handmade gifts that really show your appreciation, we have five easy beauty DIYs you can make for them today. They deserve it, especially after hearing you out after those nightmare Tinder dates.

1. Grapefruit & Peppermint Perfume

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

This recipe for DIY perfume from A Beautiful Mess is the perfect gift for your bestie! When people ask her what perfume she’s wearing, she can tell them it was an exclusive custom-made aroma made just for her. I mean…how cool does it even sound to have an exclusive perfume made just for you? This recipe’s sweet citrus mixes with tingly mint to create the perfect refreshing scent that’s a perfect peppy start to the morning, or a mid-day pick-me-up. Make more than one and toss one in your purse for yourself, too!

2. Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee. It’s not just for drinking anymore! Ditch the regular old sugar body scrub, and create something that will give your best friend an extra ounce of caffeine in her morning while giving her a great exfoliating treatment! Coffee, shea butter, and coconut oil combine to scrub, moisturize and firm your skin with this easy-to-make beauty DIY. Oh, and BTW, this scrub smells a-ma-ing.

3. DIY Natural Clay Face Mask 

Photo: Soap Deli

Nothing like a soothing face mask to make you feel like a beauty queen in your own home. This nourishing natural clay version with no added colors or chemicals is great for every skin type. Clay tightens and moisturizes, clarifying your skin and minimizing pores. Just add water and your best friend is ready to sit back and relax for a day of at-home pampering!

4. Peppermint Lip Scrub

So refreshing you could eat it! Well, actually…you can. This DIY fresh mint sugar lip scrub leaves your mouth feeling cool and fresh. Sugar scrubs away dead skin cells, coconut oil moisturizes, and peppermint oil leaves behind a delicious tingly sensation that you just can’t beat. Make a batch and scoop into mini-jars to hand out to all your friends. They’ll be so thankful, they could just kiss you.

5. Donut Bath Bombs

photo: Soap Queen

National Donut Day may have been last week, but doesn’t mean that you have to throw donuts out the window to celebrate Best Friends Day. Give your best friend a real treat that’s almost good enough to eat, that even Homer Simpson might want to sneak in a bite! Unwind with a spoonful of sugar in your tub with this happy beauty DIY; a pop of pink, and a dash of sprinkles is just what the doctor ordered.

If any of these DIYs inspired you to create an amazing gift for any of your BFFs today, let us know and share with us on Instagram and Twitter by tagging us @BeMakeful!