5 Unique Coaster Sets You Can Make Yourself

Nothing says "I'm an adult!" quite like "Use a coaster!" but you've got furniture you care about now, and those surfaces need protecting! Luckily, we've rounded up a few DIY versions that are cute, won't break the bank, and - in some cases - can be made from things you already have lying around the house.

1. Donut Coasters

Love donuts as much as you hate water rings? Do we have the solution for you! And better yet, they’re easier to make and decorate than actual donuts!

2. Wool Felt Ball Coasters

Ok, so you like the donut idea, but want something even MORE colorful and not so snack-oriented? Insert wool felt ball coasters. This cork coaster upcycle can brighten up a space, and are also super easy to make.


3. Geometric Coasters

These cork geometric coasters use shapes to angle for your house guests’ admiration. And, better yet, they can be arranged together to become a trivet. We love this orange design by Sugar and Cloth, but you could try it with pinks or blues to put your own spin on it!

4. Agate Coasters

If you want something a bit more sophisticated but don’t have a lot of extra money to spend, grab some gold nail polish and paint your way to a fancy coaster set. These agate coasters couldn’t be easier and cost a fraction of what you’ve seen at stores.

5. Marble Hexagon Coasters


Finally, for a coaster, that’s fun to make and looks like something straight out of a magazine, two words: marble hexagon. Sure they might take a little longer to make – and require an oven – but man, are they sleek and not a bit DIY-looking! Let your friends believe you spent a fortune on your fancy new coaster set (or their birthday/housewarming/holiday gift). Your secret’s safe with us!

Now get out there and make yourself a coaster! (Or just keep looking for sources of inspiration!)