6 Best Apps To Step Up Your IG Game

Creating the perfect Instagram feed can be a challenge. Making sure the colors are uniform and making sure you nail the filter for each photo can always be a little tough. So what's one of the first steps you can take to make sure your feed looks top of the line each time? One sweet hack is getting the perfect app. Whether you need to brighten a photo, clean up a selfie, or find the right caption, the right apps make it easier to create your dream Instagram feed.

Snapseed: FREE

Think of snapseed as a detailed editor. You can adjust the entire image or zero in on areas of the photo that need specific adjustments. This is great for photos that have dark areas you need to lighten up or colors that you would like to make pop a bit more. We also love how intuitive this app is. You can create professional edits with just a few scrolls.

Facetune: $3.99

Around here we embrace the selfie! Facetune is bound to become every self-takers best friend. You can remove breakouts, whiten your teeth, and even fluff your hair up a bit. But don’t be fooled, this app isn’t just for faces. You can use facetune to sharpen a flat lay, whiten a dingy background, and lots of other great edits!

A Color Story: FREE + In App Purchases

It’s no surprise we’re big fans of Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess, so when we saw that they released their very own photo-editing app A Color Story, we just had to cop it. With A Color Story, you can be sure to give your photo a dose of personality and style! A Color Story is full of fun filters and effects that’ll help you create an image that reflects your style. After your starter pack, you will need to pay to unlock additional effect packs but everything is super affordable! In addition to all of the creative features, you can also make all of the basic edits and crops your heart desires.

VSCO: Free + In App Purchases

VSCO is the one app that many Instagram photographers resort to to make sure that their feeds look top of the line. Not only is VSCO an app that can give your photos the best filters, but it is also a community that connects you with other Instagram photographers that use VSCO. If you want to get your grid right, VSCO is definitely one of the ways to go.

Enlight: $3.99

If you’re looking to turn a photo into art, you’ll want to check out Enlight. You can create truly imaginative images with this app. We don’t suggest doing this for every photo on your feed but it’s a great way to switch things up and share more than just a basic lunchtime snap with your followers.

Captiona: FREE

You’re photo is edited and ready to go, but you have no idea what to say in the caption. Don’t worry, we feel you! This is where Captiona comes in. You give it  a keyword and it offers up a list of possible captions. We admit that sometimes the suggested captions totally miss the mark but they may trigger an idea that inspires you.  If you’ve ever had Instagram writer’s block you’ll love having this little tool in your back pocket.

There are so many apps out there, so don’t be afraid to explore and experiment to find the ones that work best for you. The “perfect feed” is subjective so remember to to have fun and enjoy the creative process!

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