7 Items You Need to Get Started in DIY


If you love DIY projects and are just getting started, it can be a daunting experience to jump right into the thick of things without being prepared. Heading to your nearest craft store could end up being your biggest nightmare, wandering aisles aimlessly looking for supplies you barely know the names of.

Have no fear, Makeful is here! As seasoned crafters, we’ve rounded up a list of the top items you need to get started in DIY. Let’s get to it!

Craft Cutter

If you ask any serious DIYer, a craft cutter is a must-have for so many reasons. It doesn’t matter if you’re team Silhouette or Circut, both machines are great for cutting a variety of materials for any of your home project needs. From cutting vinyl for wall decor, creating customized clothing, stamps, and more — your DIY life will not be complete without one of these bad boys in it.

Check out 34 Cool Things You Can Do with Your New Vinyl Cutter to get inspired by everything you can make with these amazing machines.

Power Tools

If your DIYs tend to err towards the home improvement side of things over the arts & crafts variety, power tools are a definite must-have for any DIY master.

A cordless drill will make your life much easier as you try to upcycle your favourite IKEA furniture. A power sander will also come in handy, trust us — you don’t want to sand everything by hand! And a jigsaw will come in handy for more advanced pieces, like our DIY Standing Wood Planter.

Ales Krivec/Pexels

X-acto Knife, Ruler & Cutting Mat

Whether you’re into scrapbooking, card making, or painting, you would be surprised at how handy having these three tools can be. Even if you have a craft cutter, there are somethings that only an x-acto knife can solve!

Try these scrapbooking ideas from Martha Stewart to get started!

Glue & Adhesives

Glue guns, glue sticks, Mod Podge, and Super Glue. Each one has a purpose, and each one should be in your craft room. Glue guns are great for your everyday crafts, Mod Podge can be used to seal projects from wear, and Super Glue is great as a last resort for fixing the china you accidentally broke from your great-grandmother.

Chalkboard Paint & Chalk Markers

Chalkboard paint is an amazing invention that allows you to turn any surface into a chalkboard. From glass to ceramic, wood to plastic, chalkboard paint is a fun and easy product to get your creative DIY juices flowing.

And what’s a chalkboard without something witty written on it? Try your hand at some beautiful script work and make your friends LOL with a hilarious quote.


Washi Tape

Who doesn’t love the beautiful patterns and colours of washi tape? With so many variety and colours, there is literally a pattern for every season. Washi tape is great for adding a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any boring old item. Use it on bulletin boards, photo frames or furniture as decoration, or use it to put up posters, to close envelopes, or make cards.


Last, but certainly not least, scissors. While it might seem obvious that scissors are a DIYers best friend, did you know that is pays to have several types in your craft drawer? If you’re a multi-crafter, make sure to have a separate pair of scissors for fabric, paper and for yarn & string. Fabric scissors can be dulled by continued use on paper, and yarn can leave behind fibres that make it difficult to cut paper.