8 Quotes From Creative Women To Inspire You

Women's History Month is here, and although we celebrate women's history every day, it's is extra special to have an entire month dedicated to women's excellence across history and in society today. Today, being a woman is not only an identity, but today, it has become a sign of protest and resistance, and we are thankful for the women who push us to be more creative, stronger, and fighters for what is right. That's why this month, we will be paying homage to those women who help us do just that and continue to inspire us!

If you’re looking for a beam on inspiration from rad kick-ass women to guide you this week (especially during Women’s History Month), get your dose of a Monday pick-me-up with these quotes from these amazing women below.

What are some of your favorite quotes that inspire you to achieve greatness and go beyond your limits? Make sure to share with us using #BeMakeful this Women’s History Month on Instagram!