8 Ways to Avoid a Creative Rut


It’s totally natural to find yourself in a creative rut every once in a while. Whether you are fresh out of ideas, are struggling to find the motivation to get started, or you’ve spent too many hours creeping your favourite Instagram accounts wondering ‘How!?’— we know your pain all too well.

But fear not! That creative rut will end, and you’ll come out on the other side better for it. Sometimes all you need is a little flame to spark your creativity back in motion.

1. Clear your space

A clean space can instantly limit stress and a sense of chaos. Whether you work from a desk, dining room table, or even the floor — clearing away the clutter can really turn your inspiration around. Start your next project by clearing your space first to help ease your mind and allow for creativity to come.

2. Clear your mind

Sometimes our mind is just too full of ideas or inspiration we’ve seen elsewhere to work on creative projects. With so many amazing ideas, how do you start to execute the right one? Take the time to clear your mind by meditating, or taking a digital break before getting back to working on a creative project.

3. Change your appearance

Buy yourself something fun and inspiring, chop off and dye your hair, or experiment with a new eyeshadow technique. Adding a little flair to your appearance could help you get inspired to try something new in creative projects to complement your new look.

4. Cook something delicious

Creativity can come from anywhere, and following along with a recipe can be a calming experience that helps clear your focus for the creativity building inside. Look to recipes that contain brain food, like fish, which contains omega 3 fatty acids — the very thing that helps to improve brain function!

5. Try something outside your comfort zone

If you usually spend your days inside working on your creative projects, try using that downtime to do something new. Take part in a new workout, go axe throwing, or take a day trip somewhere adventurous. It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as you’re getting out there.

6. Ask someone out for coffee

Whether it’s someone you know or someone you don’t, invite them out for coffee to hear what they are working on. This is an awesome way get inspired, as you will likely leave your coffee date feeling motivated to amp up your creative game. Start your week off strong by booking your coffee meet on a Monday!

7. Find some inspiration

Sometimes you need to see the creative things other people are doing to spark something within you. Explore Pinterest or Instagram, or check out a local craft market to see what others are up to. The internet is an endless pool of information. Get started by searching for events in your area.

8. Take some time for yourself

We can get so caught up in the work we do that sometimes we forget why we started doing it in the first place. Do something for yourself that will help rejuvenate your soul. Try a new medium for the fun of it, go for a spa day, or simply read a book to give yourself a break from your work.