9 New Year’s Eve Party Decoration Ideas

I think most of us are SO OVER 2016. It has been quite the year, wouldn't you say, girls? So let's get this party started with a few smart and sassy decorations. Dear 2017, we're so glad you're (almost!) here. Seriously. Show up early if you'd like. We'll be ready with our party balloons, bright banners and champagne flutes. Does anyone need a refill?

Confetti poppers
Best used if not celebrating at your house or the house of anyone you love slash would feel guilty about leaving a massive dusting of confetti all over their living spaces. Otherwise, these are adorable and seem like tons of fun.

Confetti Balloons
Love confetti better when it’s contained? These balloons from I Spy DIY are perfect for you! And maybe us too.

3. Clock Balloons
Another balloon idea. This time from Studio DIY. CLOCK BALLOONS. What time is it? DIY time.

4. Golden Bar Cart


As with any good celebration, the alcohol will be flowing. So why not keep the party rolling with this golden bar cart from Best Friends for Frosting?


5. Frozen Wine Buckets
WUT? Yes, frozen wine buckets filled with frozen flowers. Keeping it classy and icy with chilled bottles in these fascinating frozen wine buckets from Sugar and Cloth.

6. Gold Polka Dot Champs Glasses
Keep the champagne flutes festive and serve those NYE drinks in Gold Polka Dot Champagne Glasses we found on Lovely Indeed.

7. Sequin Photobooth
Make the drunken memories of you saying “See ya!” to 2016 last forever with this Oh Happy Day idea for a sequin photobooth. We won’t tell if you leave it up for a few extra months. Because that seems fun.

NYE Star Crown
Let’s face it. YOU DESERVE THIS CROWN (fashioned by The House That Lars Built). Make it now. Wear it forever. Also, forget what I said earlier about getting confetti everywhere because that picture is adorable and now I want to be showered with the stuff. That’s what vacuums are for.


9. Party Hats
We all know you’re not going to make enough crowns for everyone to wear. There’s only one queen at this party. Let them wear hats! (That’s supposed to be like when Marie Antoinette said “Let them eat cake!” ) But I think we can all agree these are pretty awesome consolation chapeau made by Homey oh My. Bonne année! (haha that’s Happy New Year en Anglais). Let’s all be our best, creative selves in 2017!