Add a Little Rustic Charm to Your Wedding with These Terrarium Favours

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Send your wedding guests home with a favour they’ll love, with these DIY Terrariums!

These terrariums are super affordable to make, and are a fun craft you can do with your girls! Use a variety of different succulents for a unique, whimsical look. No two favours will be exactly the same, and that’s awesome. Happy planting!

  • rocks (for drainage)
  • small glass fishbowl
  • soil
  • succulents
  • white sand
  • gold crystal
  • popsicle sticks
  • paint
  • metallic gold marker


  1. Put a 1” layer of rocks on the bottom of your fishbowl for drainage.
  2. Put about 6-8 tablespoons of soil into your fishbowl.
  3. Make a hole in the soil, moving soil to the sides with a spoon, or your fingers.
  4. Plant your succulent in the middle of the hole and pack soil around it so it’s sturdy. Flatten your soil layer.
  5. Add a ½” thick layer of white sand. Carefully pour it to the sides of your bowl and then spread it, so it doesn’t get stuck in your succulent.
  6. Add a layer of white pebbles and a gold crystal for a special touch.
  7. For the thank you tag, paint a popsicle stick black.
  8. Cut the bottom of one end to form a sharp point.
  9. Write your thank you message on the popsicle stick.
  10. With the pointed end down, stick your popsicle stick into the soil of your terrarium.