Add a Personalized Touch With Our DIY Cork Coasters

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Calling all coffee and tea lovers! Protect your surfaces from moisture rings with these personalized wood burned cork coasters.

  • wood burning kit
  • object for tracing
  • cork
  • Scissors
  • pencil
  • twine


Hold the Wood Burner tool as you would a large pencil. When using the tool, keep the cord behind your hand, where the cord rests on the back of your side and falls off your wrist.


Be sure to give the Wood Burning tool 5 minutes to heat up before using it. Remember to turn off/unplug the tool before changing out the tool tips, and use pliers to remove and screw on a new tool tip to prevent burning your fingers.

Prep Your Work Area

Be sure to prepare and protect your work area before using the Wood Burning Tool. The tool can get very hot, so be sure to have a clear work space to minimize burning/melting anything nearby.


Before tackling your project, try out the different tool tips before beginning your project. There is a small learning curve for each, and you may enjoy the flow of one tip over another. Practice on scrap pieces of your project surface, whether that be leather, cork, wood, you name it. Get a feel for the tool and become familiar with the different tooltips.

Slow and Steady

Take your time when handling the Wood Burning tool. Don’t try to force it, but instead let the tool glide. Take breaks in between if there is built up residue on the tip.