Calligraphy Gift Wrap | 12 DIYs of Christmas

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On this DIY of Christmas, join Molly from Almost Makes Perfect as she shows you how to create your own calligraphy wrapping paper! This DIY will leave your friends and family stunned as they open a gift within a gift. Get it? The wrapping is also a gift...HOLIDAY MAGIC gals. MAGIC!

This DIY finished product is on trend and on point, AND the process brings an unexpected moment of Zen. There’s something about drawing inside the lines during the crazy rush of the season. Kind of like the adult coloring book but a more productive version that results in gift wrap. Watch as Molly from Almost Makes Perfect shows us how to create this beautiful paper. And get in the zone with that paint pen.

Step 1: Place your transfer paper face-down onto your wrapping and tape your word print-out on top.

Step 2: Using your pencil, trace along the outside of your text. When finished, remove the transfer paper and you’ll have a perfect outline of your word on your wrapping paper. Holiday Magic, people.

Step 3: Use your marker or paint pen to fill inside the lines. It’s like your very own Adult Coloring Book! Ohmmm…

You can repeat the same word, or switch it up as you go to create a gorgeous custom pattern of your own. These gifts are almost too pretty to upwrap! Almost.

We want to see how yours turned out! Share your gift wrap creations with us on Instagram @bemakeful and use #MakefulHoliday.