Chic Copper Menorah | 12 DIYs of Christmas

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On this DIY of Christmas, we're celebrating the festival of lights and showing Hanukkah some love with a unique, chic copper menorah. If you want to make this beauty at home, click the link below for instructions.

Join Molly from Almost Makes Perfect as she shows us how to make this super chic metallic menorah. The finished product looks so polished slash edgy. This is not your Mom’s menorah, peeps.

Step 1: Prep your wooden board that will be the base of your menorah. We painted our base silver, but you do you!

Step 2: Attach the rubber couplings to the bottom of your Hanukkah candles. This keeps the candles upright inside the copper pipe. You may need to stack additional couplings and attach the couplings and candle with tacky wall putty.

Step 3: Measure and mark to evenly space your nine candles onto the base. Then simply use the strongest glue you’ve got to attach the couplings to the board.We filled our copper couplings all the way to the top with sea salt for a wintery, snowy look.

Pass the Latkes, please! Share your menorah with us on Instagram @bemakeful and use #makefulholiday.