DIY Floating Floral Mason Jar Candles

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Summer calls for all the outdoor brunches and parties you can have, and what better way to add some flare to this outdoor vibes than with some DIY floral mason jar candles? See how you can make these great candles in a few easy steps!

STEP 1: Start off with an assorted bunch of flowers to decorate your jars. For this, we uses peonies and ranunculus to add an elegant flare to our dining table. Cut off each step from the buds of the flowers, but leave just enough for you to tie fishing line to the flower buds.

STEP 2: Grab a hex nut and double knot fishing wire to it, and leave about 6 inches enough to tie a floral bud to the other end of the line. Repeat for all the other floral buds and add to your jar.

STEP 3: Add water half way to the jar. Add pebbles to the bottom of the jar to hide the hex nuts, and even them out and push them down using your scissor. Then, continue adding water to the jar close to the top.

STEP 4: Add a 1.4 inch layer of vegetable oil to the jar.

STEP 5: Add a floating wick to the jar to sit on top of the oil, and you’re done!

This is such a great addition to any dining table, be in indoors or outdoors. Let us know how you use it by tagging us @BeMakeful and sharing with us on social!