DIY Ornament Wreath | 12 DIYs of Christmas

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On this DIY of Christmas, Molly from Almost Makes Perfect shows you how to make a showstopping ornament wreath that will have your guests asking, "where'd you get that?", then saying, "wait, YOU MADE IT?!".

This jaw-droppingly elegant bulb wreath looks crazy expensive but is super affordable to make yourself. Pour yourself a glass of pinot, join Molly from Almost Makes Perfect and get pinning!

Step 1: Start with your pre-wrapped wreath, or wrap your yarn of choice around a foam wreath form until completely covered. Tie the ends off and secure to the wreath with a greening pin.

Step 2: Decide what pattern you’d like to make with your ornaments and lay them out, or simply eyeball it and design as you go. Attach the ornaments by poking one end of the greening pin into the loop at the top or the ornament where the hook for the tree usually goes.

Step 3: Keep pinning until your wreath is covered in ornaments. Gorgeous, dahling.

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