DIY Leather Fringe Jacket | Sew Boss

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If you're looking for the best threads to wear this summer, make sure you're doing it With Wendy. On our first episode of Sew Boss, Wendy is going to teach you how to create this hot, flirtatious update to your leather jacket that will knock your socks off! Add some high-waisted pants to channel your inner Grease-era Pink Lady.  Fringe is a perfect way to vamp up a standard jacket, perfect for adding a little edge to any subtle minimal piece. Try it out with a red lip and some teased hair - if you’re feeling really foxy. Let's get to it!

STEP 1: The piece of fabric that covers your shoulder blades is called the “yoke” – so we’re going to be sewing some fringe to the yokes of our jackets! Take your measuring tape and measure the length of your yoke – it will be mostly likely between 35 – 40 cm. (If your jacket doesn’t have a discernable yoke, measure the length roughly between where your shoulder blades would lie.)

STEP 2: Take that number and add 2 centimeters – then cut that length of fringe. Place the fringe right below the seam of your yoke.

STEP 3: Slowly sew a straight stitch all the way across your joke. We recommend going forwards, backwards, and then forwards – this will help lock the stitch firmly in place.

STEP 4: Cut off the excess fringe, and voilà!

Warning: you’ll never want to stop dancing with this sassy number on! If you’re looking to upgrade your threads with this cool and easy DIY, show us by tagging us @BeMakeful and @WithWendy using #SewBoss!