DIY Mini Rose + Peony Wedding Bouquet

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Flower arranging can seem intimidating to get just right, but there is a rhyme and reason to it that anyone can master. Save yourself some wedding moolah (that would be better spent on cocktails on your honeymoon) by creating your own show-stopping wedding bouquet. This one that we’ve created contains soothing lavender, cascading eucalyptus, and classic roses – all easily available at your local flower merchant. Follow this tutorial and vary accordingly to create a dazzling bouquet that’s 100% you!

STEP 1: Use your scissors to nip the bottom part of the stem on your ranunculus, at a diagonal angle. This will ensure that your flowers stay fresh the longest.

STEP 2: Pair your ranunculus with a sprig of lavender. The key to flower arrangement is to work from the inside out, so try to fold the ranunculus “within” the lavender as much as possible. Cut the end of the lavender down to size.

STEP 3: Add a sprig of eucalyptus for elegance and a peony for a splash of color. With the peony, we’re going to once again want to trim the stem down at a diagonal angle.

STEP 4: Time for the roses – a white rose pairs beautifully against the pink peony. Trim down the stem and add another sprig of lavender. We want to alternate bold statement flowers (peonies, roses) with the decorative “filler” ones (lavender, eucalyptus).

STEP 5: Continue in a circle, adding more flowers, alternating as needed. We want to avoid have two identical flowers next to each other. And for every “layer” of statement flowers, add a layer of filler.

STEP 6: Once your bouquet is the desired size, grab your floral tape and wrap it tightly around the stems, close to the blooms, winding down the stems. Trim down the stems to equal lengths.

STEP 7: Take your bouquet wrap – cut the edge at a diagonal angle. Wrap it around the stems, right over the floral tape. Secure the wrap in place with two bouquet pin, and trim the excess. Tie a bow around the stems, and voilà!

Your bouquet will be doubly meaningful on your wedding day, knowing that you created it yourself! Beautiful, unique, and expressive – the perfect symbol to kickstart a long and happy marriage. Congratulations!