DIY Spin & Skip 90s Game

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For a lot of us millennials, we cling on to the memories that we used to have as kids with our Playstations, Tamagotchis, Pokemon Cards, and even the classic Skip It. That's why for this DIY we wanted to tap into our childhood and make a DIY that will remind you of those days on the playground. See how in 6 simple steps, you can skip back to the 90s with this spin and skip game.

STEP 1: Using a 5 1/4 inch clear acrylic ball ornament, spray adhesive inside the spheres to begin adding your decor. Sprinkle confetti inside the sphere so it sticks on the walls of the ornament.

STEP 2: Place faux pink fur to inside of one half of the sphere. On it, add a zip lock bag with beans to create a weight for the ornament, and hide it within the sphere with the rest of the pink fur.

STEP 3: Add industrial glue to the other half of the ornament and close the two halves together. Wait to dry.

STEP 4: Using a craft knife, begin shaving the faux pink fur from the ornament that was left out when you closed the two halves together. Add gold rape around the closure.

STEP 5: Add a large key ring to the attachment on the ornament. Add another key ring to the embroidery hoop that you’l be using.

STEP 6: Cut off a foot and a half rope, and tie a slip knot to connect the embroidery hoop and the ornament together, and make sure it’s tight.

STEP 7: Put your foot through the embroidery hoop, and start skipping away!

This is such a fun DIY that every 90s kid needs to try now. If we hit your nostalgic funny bone and might even try this DIY yourself, let us know and tag us @BeMakeful!